CVS Trip – June 30, 2013

I almost NEVER buy CVS brand products because there are no manufactured Q’s to help discount the prices, but I thought this was too good of a deal to pass up.  I have also been out of body wash for several weeks and need to restock.

Let me also say that my child was shopping with me on this particular day and it is always hard for me to think and add in my head when kids are present.  So, I just did this one transaction and then got outta there!  I wanted to shop around a little more but felt like everything else could wait.

Here was my transaction…

(3) CVS Brand Body Wash (B2G1 FREE)  = 5.99+6.49 = 12.48

(1) Pepsi (not pictured) = .99

Total = 13.47 (pre-tax)

– .25 Pepsi coupon from Coupon Center

– 4.00 off $12 cosmetic purchase (I asked before using this and it worked!)

– 4.00 ECB

– 2.00 ECB

TOTAL OOP  = 3.49 and received 4.00 ECB for my next purchase

Although I did not get anything for free, I always count it a blessing when I spend less than what I got back.  I spent 3.49 and got back 4.00 to use next time.

How did you do this week at CVS?  Please feel free to share.

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