Did I Just Commit Coupon Fraud?

After reading about a trip to the store last night on a Facebook group I really started pondering this question.

As I’m looking at this post, a lady had a picture showing that she purchased 40+ bottles of shampoo along with some other items and paid around .50.  As I’m reading the comments some people were saying “Wow!”, “Teach me your ways.”, etc.  This is where I had to throw in my two cents about this scenario.

I had the coupon sitting right in front of me that she had used.  This is what I wrote on FB:  It clearly states “Limit one coupon per purchase of products and quantities stated.  Limit 4 like coupons per household per day.  Any other use constitutes fraud.”

This little paragraph (usually written in red) shows up quite often on Proctor and Gamble coupons.  I am okay with this because it allows for others of us to purchase products without the shelves being cleared.  Plus people who like to stockpile, should be setting a goal to create a 6-month stockpile.  There is no way  you will use 42 bottles of shampoo in 6-months.

The problem was not so much the coupon as it was the transaction.  If all 42 bottles were purchased in one store then that was committing coupon fraud.  I don’t know of a nicer way to put it.

The coupon said that you could purchase 2 items.  So if you multiply that by 4 (the limit stated on the coupon in red) then she should have only purchased 8 bottles per store.  That being said 40 divided by 8 would be 5 stores.

I know for sure that all of this was purchased in one store because a friend of mine on FB had just posted that a lady came into the store, cleared the shelves of this particular product, and my friend had to wait in line behind her while they rang up a ton of shampoo.  Coincidence?  I think not!

I don’t mean to pick on any one person.  I am sure that we have all committed coupon fraud in one way or another, but this is not reality people.  This is not what couponing should look like.

That is where I have a real hang up with the show “Extreme Couponing”.  They make their transactions look like reality and it is far from it!  A lot of what they teach is not what should be taught.  Teaching people how to be honest and giving is what should be taught.  I know this show is not completely at fault, but the people that I see who are mistreating coupons started couponing because of this show.  The rest of us need to speak out and show people the right way to use coupons:)

Have you seen misuse in the coupon world?  Would you say something to someone if you thought they were being dishonest?  Give me your thoughts….

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