EBATES – Double Cash Back

If you have never tried Ebates then you are really missing out!  My husband and I are not real big online shoppers, but we just booked our vacation and made sure to go through Ebates.

Here’s how Ebates works:

Go to www.ebates.com.  Once you get on their site, you will need to create a login/password.

Once this is done you are ready to rock and roll!

Browse and shop at whatever store you like (Kohl’s has 6% back right now and they have a lot of things on clearance).  Click on the store.  You will be able to shop at that online store just like you would if you went straight through their site, but you will be shopping through Ebates to get there.

You purchase what you like and you can earn cash back.  Make sure and look at the percentages.  Especially look at the ones that are offering double cash back.

Booking a vacation?  Will you go through Ebates to book it or do you have another way that you shop to earn cash back?  I would love to hear from you.

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