My Upcoming Trip to Kohl’s

So, I am preparing another year of school clothes shopping.  In Texas, there will be a weekend that will be tax FREE but I usually shop before then.  I don’t always see  a lot of good sales and by then some of the shorts and t-shirts are already out of stock.

This year I think I am going to do all of my shopping at Kohl’s to save the most money.  I have never spent a lot of money at Kohl’s but have friends that sing their praises all the time:)

Not only am I shopping at Kohl’s, but I think I am going to buy everything online.  Sometimes it’s more work to drag your children into the store.  I think this year I would much rather just shop online.  Should be exciting!!!

Here’s what I’m considering doing:


Before I even start shopping, I am going to start off @ Ebates.  If you have never used Ebates, it is SUPER SIMPLE!

Once I login, then I am going to click on the Kohl’s link and it will take me straight to their online store.  I am choosing to shop through Ebates because as of right now they are offering a 6% cash back at Kohl’s.

If I spend my allotted amount of $150 then I should get back somewhere around $9.

FREE Shipping

I have budgeted for $150 to spend on school clothes with our upcoming paycheck.  If I spend $75 then I get FREE shipping.  This is always HUGE to me when shopping online.  I really don’t want to pay for shipping when I could just drive down the street and shop in town and pay only taxes.  If they don’t offer free shipping after a certain amount, then I’m probably not shopping their online store!


I am going to start off in their Clearance section.  I already spotted a few pair of shorts, dress pants, and shirts that will fit my oldest child (I am primarily shopping for him on this first online trip).  I will then move into his age category and hope to get shoes, shirts, shorts, pants, etc.  We’ll see how far I can get with $150.

If you’re a Kohl’s card member, then you can get FREE shipping using the code:  JULYFREE4U at checkout.


Once I finish up with my online shopping trip, then I will obviously checkout.  At checkout, I will enter the coupon code: SAVEWA3 to get 15% off everything (I found this code here).  This code will expire on 9/30/2013.  You also have to spend $100 to use the code.

Found this coupon in my inbox this morning – so now I’m might be shopping in store because they had more clothes around the sizes that I need!

Kohl’s Cash

Once I have finally checked out, I should be receiving $30 back in Kohl’s cash.  They give you $10 back for every $50 you spend.  This deal will end on July 28, 2013 so I am going to have to shop before the weekend ends.  I can spend my cash the following week and either get $30 off my order or $30 worth of FREE stuff:)

Kohl’s Rewards

I am not 100% sure about this since I have never used it before, but I just got a Kohl’s card a few weeks ago.  I received an email that said I am only 43 points away from receiving my $5 reward.  I am thinking that they will send me a $5 off coupon in my inbox – not sure.  I will have to let you know after I finish the online trip.  I’m thinking that I will be able to use it like Kohl’s cash.  If so, then I will have $35 to spend on my next shopping trip.

So, do you shop @ Kohl’s?  Maybe you can give me some insight.  Feel free to leave a comment below.


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