About Me

My story is probably very similar to yours.  If not, then maybe we can learn a lot from each other.

I have used coupons in stores for well over 10 years.  The problem was that I would save maybe $5 here or $10 there.  It was very frustrating to save so little after I had painstakingly cut out all those hundreds of coupons.

Well, several years ago my husband lost his job and I knew that our budget was going to be very tight.  I knew that I needed to spend around $100 a week (or less) on food for us to survive since I only worked part-time.

God led me to a group called MOPS at a local church here in our town.  The lady who was in charge decided to teach all of us how to coupon.  She definitely knew what she was talking about and I knew that God placed me in that room at that particular moment to show me that this was how I could contribute to our family.  Sometimes as a stay-at-home mom you feel like since you do not contribute monetarily that you have very little contributions to the overall family unit.  Which is completely false!

After Tiffany had shown us that you could stack coupons and how to place coupons on top of already low prices if made complete sense to me.  I knew that this was something I could do to help our family stay afloat – which we did.

Not only did we survive those 7 months of a job loss but we are now DEBT-FREE (with the exception of our home).  We paid off debt thanks to a gracious and forgiving God who forgave us through  our MANY financial mistakes.  We also were able to pay off debt thanks to a very tight budget and through coupons.

I always tell people that utilities, phone, etc. are always hard to adjust on your budget but that groceries are variable.  The amount you put into groceries is able to go higher  or lower depending on how you shop.

I hope this blog helps you to see this.  I am not extreme by any means.  I make coupons as easy as possible since I have a life outside of coupons.  I want to save as much as possible while spending  as little time as possible to accomplish this goal.

If you have the same philosophy, then this blog is for you.  If you are looking to run around town shopping at 43 different stores just to find freebies then this is not the right blog for you.  I shop sensibly.

I hope that you and I can become great friends and learn a lot from each other.  And who knows…maybe you will find me right around the corner one day (with  my coupons in hand – of course).


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