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FREE Friday Download – July 26th ONLY

Today only you can download a coupon on your Kroger card for FREE Colgate toothpaste.  Just click here.  Happy Shopping!


Kroger – Free Friday Download

Here they go again….another FREE downloadable coupon from Kroger.  If you don’t already have a Kroger account, make sure and sign up TODAY to get your shampoo for FREE.  Just click below….

FREE Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy

I have this in my stockpile and can’t wait to get more:)  Happy Shopping!

All FREE @ Kroger

I was finally able to retrieve the freebies this week that were downloaded onto my Kroger card.  If you have not done so, head to Kroger, get a card and sign up online.  They are really starting to have some GREAT e-coupons for FREE items.  Click here to sign up today.

Thanks to all these freebies, my grand total went from $65 down to $38 OOP.  This is where coupons are well worth it – when you can save 50% or more:)

Obviously, today, though I am not showing you my entire shopping trip.  These were just the items that I got for free.

Green Giant chips – .50 off coupon doubled to $1 off (FREE)

8 oz. POM juice – .50 off coupon doubled to $1 off (FREE)

Quaker breakfast bars – E-coupon on (expired – you have to watch for these because they have to be downloaded on certain days)

Orville Redenbacher’s Pop Crucnch – E-coupon on (FREE) – expired

In our area, coupons are still doubled/tripled every day at Kroger.  Your area may only give you the amount listed on your coupon.  If you are not sure, then ask the management at the Kroger where you shop.

Be on the look-out for great e-coupons from  I am signed up to received emails from them and they have really had some high value products for FREE.  The box of Quaker breakfast bars were almost $5 and I paid nothing for them.

The way this works is that you once you create a login/password for Kroger you will find a tab that says COUPONS.  Click this link and on the left-hand side it should say something like “Download coupons”.  Just click on the coupons that you want saved to your Kroger card.

When you go to the store and shop, they will ask for your card before they begin the transaction.  When your item is scanned, the e-coupon should come off your card immediately.  You shouldn’t have to do anything.  It’s already been done!  If you are unsure whether your e-coupons came off or not, then look at your receipt.  An e-coupon should show up directly below the item that was scanned (not at the bottom of the receipt).

One thing about e-coupons is that they will not double or triple.  You have to take them at face value.  They also cannot be combined with paper coupons.  If I had a paper coupon from the newspaper for those Quaker breakfast bars, then I could not use it because the coupon on my card would have already come off.  This is considered coupon fraud.  Their site will remind you of this policy every time you download a coupon.

I had a friend tell me this week that she saved $18 in one trip thanks to e-coupons.  That’s not too shabby considering that she did nothing more than just click coupons and save them to her card.  The only thing she might have done was print off the coupon list showing what coupons she downloaded and reminding her what to buy at the store.  Either way it’s a win-win situation.

How often do you shop at Kroger?  Do you download coupons or just use the paper’s manufactured coupons?  Please share….