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Kroger – FREE Friday Download

Click here to get your Hamburger Helper for FREE at Kroger.  You have to download the coupon TODAY but will have until 8/17/13 to buy the product.  Happy Shopping!


My Favorite Coupon Sites for Downloading and Printing

I thought I would share with you my favorite sites when it comes to printing and downloading coupons to your card.  Please feel free to add to my list with your favorite:)


I love this site!  All you have to do is link your shopper’s card to this site and these coupons will come off automatically at check-out.  I think I just have my Kroger’s card linked to this site, but I’m sure you could do more.  Quick!  Easy! and helps to save you MONEY!


I sometimes check this site for printable coupons.  This is also the name of an insert that sometimes shows up in the Sunday papers.  So, you might be able to find a coupon on here that you liked in your paper.

Smart Source

This is another printable site and an insert located in Sunday papers.


Probably the most well trusted and has a ton of coupons.  Sometimes if I can’t find a coupon for something, I will search this site.  I have scored many FREE products thanks to their coupons.  Be careful always clicking on coupon links.  I was able to contract 2 viruses on our computer and the entire thing crashed b/c of coupon sites.  Also, most links will take you to this site here so why not just start off going to coupons.com instead of untrusted site.  Be careful!

Live Better America

Received an email from this site this morning and had forgotten that I have an account with them.  Looked at their coupons and they had higher dollar coupons than the ones I saw on coupons.com.  Might be worth a look if you can’t find something you are looking for.

Saving Star

This is also a great site but can be a little misleading.  You do not actually “save” money at the store with this site.  You shops for the items that you download and the money is saved on their account.  Once you spend $5 in coupons, you will receive a $5 gift card.  Again, this does not save you money at the store.  If you download a coupon for .50 off Cheerios, you will not see this show up anywhere except on the Saving Star website.  Then it will show you that you that you $4.50 to reach your goal of $5 before you can get your gift card.  You do have to link your shoppers card to this to receive credit.  It doesn’t take that long to start earning money.  I am halfway to getting my $5:)


It has been a while since I have used UPromise, but I think the concept is the same as Saving Star.  You can download coupons, but they will not show up on your receipt.  They will go into an account on their site towards your child’s college.   So, you’re just saving money to be used later.  That sounds like a great plan to me!


Target has coupons on their site that you can stack with manufactured coupons.  Just make sure that it has the Target logo and says “Target Coupon” on the top of the coupon.  These are great when wanting to save even more.  (Stacking means that I can put 2 coupons on one product – one manufactured coupon and one Target coupon.)


Kroger allows you to download coupons onto your Kroger card and these will come off automatically at the register.  These coupons do not double or triple so just beware of this. I have also given Kroger my address and they will send me paper coupons for great items that I can’t find anywhere else – paper products, baby coupons, organic coupons, produce/meat coupons, etc.


I also print CVS coupons from their site.  They have a few from coupons.com but they also have just CVS coupons which can be stacked with manufactured coupons.  Again, double the savings!

I am only recommending sites to you that I personally use.  I don’t believe in promoting something that I have never tried myself.  On that note, I’m sure that you have some to share with us.  What sites do you enjoy printing off coupons from or downloading coupons?