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Kroger – FREE Friday Download

Click here to get your Hamburger Helper for FREE at Kroger.  You have to download the coupon TODAY but will have until 8/17/13 to buy the product.  Happy Shopping!


Sunday Coupon Inserts 7/28 – TON of coupons

Remember that these may be different depending on where you live.  I always buy the big city paper so that hopefully most or all of these coupons will be in there.  Happy Shopping!


Insert 1

  • Band-Aid $.50/1 bandages product (8/25) ETS
  • Benadryl $1/1 adult or children’s product (8/25) ETS
  • Carefree $.50/1 product 36ct+ (8/25)
  • Clean & Clear $1/1 product (8/25) ETS
  • Dannon $1/1 Greek 4pk (9/8)
  • Dannon B3G1 free Greek single serve items up to $1.49 (9/8)
  • Edge/ Skintimate $1/2 shave gel or shave cream products excludes 2.75oz (9/8)
  • Fresh Step $1/1 triple action litter (8/31)
  • Frigo $.75/1 Cheese Heads 6ct+ (10/15)
  • LA LOOKS $.75/1 20 or 26oz product (9/14) DND
  • Listerine $1/1 regular, Ultraclean, Zero, Total Care or Fluoride Defense 1L+ (8/25)
  • Litter Genie $2/1 system (9/30)
  • Lubriderm $1/1 8oz+ product (8/25)
  • Mentos $.50/1 breath mints tin (10/31) DND
  • Motrin $1/1 IB or PM (8/25) ETS
  • Nature Made $2/1 fish oil product (8/28)
  • Nature Made $2/1 multivitamin (8/28)
  • Nature Made $2/2 products (8/28)
  • Neosporin $2/1 First Aid or Essentials product (8/25) ETS
  • Neutrogena $1/1 acne, cleansing or facial moisture treatment product excludes bar soap, men’s and naturals products (8/25)
  • Neutrogena $2/1 cosmetics products (8/25)
  • Neutrogena $3.50/2 acne, cleansing or facial moisture treatment products excludes bar soap and Naturals products (8/25)
  • P&G Hair Products $1/2 Vidal Sassoon, Herbal Essences, Head & Shoulders, Pantene or Aussie hair care items (9/1) ETS TARGET COUPON
  • P&G Hair Products $2/1 Vidal Sassoon, Nice ‘n Easy, Natural Instincts, Root Touch-Up or Perfect 10 hair color (9/1) TARGET COUPON
  • Pepsi $1/1 diet multipack plastic bottles or 8pk mini cans (9/15)
  • PowerCrunch $.25/1 bar (12/31) DND
  • PowerCrunch B4G1 free up to $1.29 (12/31) DND
  • Purell $1/1 8oz+ advanced hand sanitizer (9/22)
  • Purell $1/3 products (9/22)
  • Purina B1G1 free Beneful wet adult dog food 10oz tub up to $2.49 (8/28)
  • Reach $1/2 floss products (8/25) ETS
  • Rubbermaid $2/1 LunchBlox sandwich, salad, entree or kids lunch kit (9/14)
  • Schick $.75/1 Hydro shave gel (9/8)
  • Schick $1/1 Hydro shave gel (9/10) TARGET COUPON ETS
  • Schick $2/1 Hydro 3 or 5 refill (9/8)
  • Schick $2/1 Hydro 5 disposables (9/8)
  • Schick $2/1 Hydro Power Select, Hydro 5 or Hydro 3 razor (9/8)
  • Schick $2/1 Hydro Silk disposable pack (9/8)
  • Schick $2/1 Hydro Silk razor or refill (9/8)
  • Schick $5/2 3ct Hydro Silk or Hydro 5 disposable razors (9/10) TARGET COUPON
  • Schick $5/both Hydro 5 razor and cartridge refill excludes disposable razors (9/10) TARGET COUPON
  • Schick $5/both Hydro Silk razor and cartridge refill excludes disposables (9/10) TARGET COUPON
  • Schick $6/both Hydro Silk razor and Hydro Silk refill (9/8)
  • Scotch-Brite $1/2 botanical disinfecting wipes (9/15)
  • Soft N Dri $.55/1 product (9/14) DND
  • Stayfree $1/1 product (8/25) ETS
  • Twizzlers/Jolly Ranchers $1/3 10.5oz+ bags (9/22)
  • Visine $2/1 1/2floz+ (8/25)

Insert 2

  • Barilla $.55/1 PLUS pasta (9/21)
  • Buddig $1/1 original or Deli Cuts item 9oz+ (10/31)
  • Buddig $1/5 2oz original or 1.6oz snack buds packages (10/31)
  • Chex $.50/1 box (9/7)
  • Clear Care $1.50/1 solution 12oz+ (8/30)
  • Colgate $1/1 360 manual toothbrush excluding Plus, Triple Action, Extra Clean or Classic (8/16)
  • Colgate $1/1 mouthwash 8oz+ (8/24)
  • Colgate $1/1 Total, Optic White, Max Fresh or Sensitive toothpaste 4oz+ (8/10)
  • Dole $.75/2 tropical fruit cans (9/30)
  • Easyliner $2/2 rolls (8/31)
  • Farmer John $1/1 lunch meat (9/28)
  • Farmer John $1/2 hot dogs (9/28)
  • Fiber One $.75/1 cereal (9/7)
  • Hidden Valley $.75/1 sandwich spread and dip (10/28)
  • Hidden Valley $1/1 Farmhouse Originals Italian or Vinaigrette salad dressings (10/28)
  • ICAPS $3/1 eye vitamin formula (8/30)
  • Irish Spring $.50/1 6pk+ bars (8/17)
  • Irish Spring $.50/1 body wash excludes 2.5oz (8/17)
  • John Frieda $3/2 prodcuts exclues Precision Foam Colour products, trial and appliances (9/7)
  • Kraft $1/2 buffalo cheddar, three cheese jalapeno, cheesy southwest chipotle or garlic & herb alfredo macaroni and cheese 5.5oz (8/28)
  • Lysol $.50/1 12.5oz disinfectant spray (9/1)
  • MidNite $1/1 PM or for Menopause (9/15)
  • Nature Valley $.75/1 soft-baked oatmeal square 6ct+ (9/21)
  • Odwalla $.55/1 12oz beverage (9/14)
  • Old Wisconsin $1/1 item 4oz+ (10/31)
  • Opti-Free $1.50/1 solution 10oz+ (8/30)
  • Opti-Free $3/1 PureMoist, RepleniSH and or Express 1x10oz twin packs (9/30)
  • OXY $1/1 Daily Defense (9/22)
  • OXY $2/1 Maximum Action (9/22)
  • Palmolive $.50/1 14oz+ (8/17)
  • Philips Norelco $10/1 Click & Style &S524, StyleShaver QS6140 or SensoTouch 2D (8/30)
  • Philips Norelco $30/1 SensoTouch 3D razor only (8/30)
  • Philips Norelco $5/1 razor, replacement head or trimmer $25+ (8/30)
  • Pledge $1/2 furniture care products (9/8)
  • Pyrex $1/1 glass bakeware, prepware or storage (10/31)
  • Rachael Ray $3/1 6lb+ Nutrish bag (10/28)
  • Revlon $1/1 color cosmetic (9/8) (2 coupons)
  • Revlon $2/1 cosmetic (8/18)
  • Revlon $2/1 haircolor (8/18)
  • Scrubbing Bubbles $.75/1 All Purpose Cleaner with Fantastik (9/8)
  • Scrubbing Bubbles $1/2 bathroom cleaning products (9/8)
  • Scrubbing Bubbles $1/2 toilet cleaning products (9/8)
  • Shout $1/2 product (9/8) ETS
  • Skippy $.75/2 15oz+ products (8/31)
  • So Delicious $1/1 dairy free product (10/31)
  • Softsoap $.35/1 8.5oz+ pump (8/17)
  • Softsoap $.50/1 28oz+ refill (8/17)
  • Speed Stick $.50/1 men or women 2.3oz+ (8/17)
  • Systane $1.50/1 lubricant eye drop or gel formula (8/30)
  • Velveeta $1/1 cheesy skillets singles (8/25)
  • Windex $1.50/1 Touch-Up Cleaner product (9/6)
  • Windex $1/2 glass products (9/8)
  • Zevia $1.50/1 6pk (9/30)



Insert 1

  • Boost $1.50/1 product (9/23)
  • Hefty $1/2 slider bags 12ct+ (10/31)
  • Hot Pockets/Lean Pockets $1/2 sandwiches 8-9oz (10/26)
  • Land O’Frost $1/1 premium minis (8/28)
  • L’Oreal $1/1 Advanced Haircare shampoo or conditioner excludes 1.7oz trial size (9/21)
  • L’Oreal $1/1 skincare product (9/21) ETS
  • L’Oreal $2/1 Advanced Haircare treatment (9/21)
  • L’Oreal $2/1 Excellence shade (9/21)
  • L’Oreal $2/1 Revitalift CR10, Triple Power or Miracle Blur (9/21) ETS
  • Nature’s Bounty $2/1 vitamin or supplement (8/31)
  • Nestle $1/2 Pure Life purified water .5-liter multi-packs 15pk+ (9/8)
  • Nestle $1/2 Pure Life purified water 8oz multi-packs 12pk+ (9/8)
  • Nicorette $10/1 lozenge 72ct+, NicoDerm CQ 14ct+ or gum 100ct+ (9/8)
  • Purina $1/2 dog snacks (10/28)
  • Purina $2/1 4lb+ Puppy Chow, Dog Chow, Active Senior 7+, Healthy Morsels or Little Bites (10/26)
  • Purina $3/1 4lb+ Dog Chow light & healthy (10/26)
  • Purina $3/3 dog snacks (10/28)
  • Purina ALPO $1.25/10 cans (9/9)
  • Purina ALPO $2/1 8ct+ variety pack (9/9)
  • Purina Fancy Feast $1/4 2oz appetizers trays (10/28)
  • Purina Friskies $.50/6 Rise & Shine wet cat food cans (10/28)
  • Purina Friskies $1/2 dry cat food bags (10/28)
  • Purina Friskies $1/24 wet cat food cans, 2 12ct or 1 24ct variety packs (10/28)
  • Purina Friskies/Whisker Lickin’s $.50/2 cat treats (10/28)
  • Purina Tidy Cats $1/1 cat litter 14lb+ (10/28)
  • Sally Hansen $1/1 nail color excludes Complete Salon Manicure and Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips (8/28)
  • Sally Hansen $2/1 Complete Salon Manicure (8/28)
  • Sally Hansen $2/1 Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips (8/28)
  • Skinny Cow $1/1 box 4.65-6oz (10/31)
  • Skinny Cow B1G1 free singles .77-1oz up to $1.09 (9/15)

Target Coupons All Expire 8/31/13

  • Always/Tampax $1/2 items
  • Bounty $.50/1 6pk+ paper towels
  • Charmin $.50/1 9pk+ bath tissue
  • Cheer/Gain/Era $.75/1 laundry detergent ETS
  • CoverGirl $1/2 cosmetic items excludes nail polish and trial
  • Crest $1/1 Pro-Health toothpaste or mouth rinse ETS
  • Febreze $.50/1 Fabric Refresher or air care item ETS
  • Gillette/Venus $3/1 Venus refillable razor or Gillette Fusion ProGlide Style power trimmer/razor excludes cartridges
  • Olay $1.50/1 Fresh Effects cleansing systems
  • Oral-B $.50/2 manual toothbrushes excludes Indicator and Cavity Defense
  • Puffs $.50/1 3pk+ facial tissue ETS
  • Secret/Old Spice $1/2 Secret deodorants or Old Spice antiperspirant deodorants, body sprays or body washes ETS
  • Swiffer $.75/1 Sweeper, SweeperVac, WetJet or Dusters starter kit or refill
  • Tide $1/1 4 or 16ct to go, 10-37ct boost duo pacs or 21oz boost stain remover spray
  • Tide/Downy/Bounce $1/2 laundry care items excludes PODS, boost and trial
  • ZzzQuil $1/1 single or 2pk 12oz liquid or 24 or 48ct liquicaps

Insert 2

  • all $.75/1 liquid, powder or mighty pacs laundry detergent 24 loads+ (9/8)
  • Angel Soft $.45/1 bathroom tissue pack (8/28) DND
  • Angel Soft $.50/1 facial tissue item (8/28) DND
  • Ax $1.50/2 deodorants (8/25) ETS
  • Axe $2/1 face product (8/25) ETS
  • Best Foods $.50/1 product 22oz+ (8/25)
  • Brawny $1/1 6 rolls+ package (8/10)
  • Caress $.75/1 product (8/25) ETS
  • Country Crock $.35/1 product excludes honey spread and cinnamon and trial (8/25)
  • Degree $.50/1 men motionSENSE product (8/25) ETS
  • Degree $.50/1 women motionSENSE product (8/25) ETS
  • Degree $1/1 women Clinical product (8/25) ETS
  • Dove $.50/1 beauty bar 6pk+ excludes trial and M+C (8/25)
  • Dove $.50/1 body wash 12oz+ excludes trial and M+C (8/25)
  • Dove $.50/1 Men+Care hair product (8/11) ETS
  • Dove $.50/1 shampoo, conditioner or styling aid excludes trail and M+C (8/11)
  • Dove $.75/1 Men+Care body and face bar 6pk+ (8/25) ETS
  • Dove $.75/1 Men+Care body and face wash 13.5oz+ or active clean shower tool (8/25) ETS
  • Dove $1.50/2 go sleeveless, go fresh, ClearTone antiperspirants/deodorants or 1 Clinical Protection excludes trial, multi-packs and M+C (8/25)
  • Dove $1/1 Men+Care antiperspirant 2.7oz or deodorant 3oz (8/25) ETS
  • Flintstones $1/1 multivitamin (9/30)
  • Flintstones $2/1 toddler gummies or chewable multivitamin (10/31)
  • Fruttare $1/1 multipack (8/25)
  • Georgia-Pacific $.50/1 copy & printer paper (11/30)
  • Land O’Frost $.50/1 bistro favorites, delishaved or sub sandwich kit (8/28)
  • Land O’Frost $2/2 Premium packages (8/28)
  • Lipton $.40/1 tea bags, to go or any iced tea mix (8/25) ETS
  • Nivea $2/1 regular or men body lotion 8.4-16.9oz (8/25)
  • Nivea $2/1 skin firming serum, gel or lotion, Sun-Kissed Beautiful Legs or Radiant skin lotion 2.5-13.5oz (8/25)
  • Noxzema $.50/1 skin care product (8/25) ETS
  • Noxzema $1/1 5, 4 or 3 blade razor (9/5) ETS
  • One A Day $1/1 multivitamin product (9/15)
  • Pond’s $1.50/1 Luminous Finish BB+Cream product (8/25) ETS
  • Pond’s $1/1 product (8/25) ETS
  • Ragu $.20/1 product (8/25)
  • Simple $2/1 product excludes wipes and trial (8/25)
  • Snickers/Milky Way $1/1 bites 7oz (9/8) DND
  • Snuggle $.50/1 liquid fabric softener or sheets (9/8) ETS
  • Sparkle $.50/1 package (8/17)
  • Unilever Ice Cream $3/3 Breyers, Klondike, Magnum, Popsicle, Fruttare or Good Humor ice cream products excludes single serve sizes and Popsicle 6-8ct packs (8/25)
  • Welch’s $1/2 jams, jellies or spreads (9/30)
  • Wet n Wild/Fergie $1/1 product (8/10)
  • Wet N Wild/Fergie $2/3 products (8/10)
  • Wish-Bone/Western $.50/1 dressing (8/25)

My Upcoming Trip to Kohl’s

So, I am preparing another year of school clothes shopping.  In Texas, there will be a weekend that will be tax FREE but I usually shop before then.  I don’t always see  a lot of good sales and by then some of the shorts and t-shirts are already out of stock.

This year I think I am going to do all of my shopping at Kohl’s to save the most money.  I have never spent a lot of money at Kohl’s but have friends that sing their praises all the time:)

Not only am I shopping at Kohl’s, but I think I am going to buy everything online.  Sometimes it’s more work to drag your children into the store.  I think this year I would much rather just shop online.  Should be exciting!!!

Here’s what I’m considering doing:


Before I even start shopping, I am going to start off @ Ebates.  If you have never used Ebates, it is SUPER SIMPLE!

Once I login, then I am going to click on the Kohl’s link and it will take me straight to their online store.  I am choosing to shop through Ebates because as of right now they are offering a 6% cash back at Kohl’s.

If I spend my allotted amount of $150 then I should get back somewhere around $9.

FREE Shipping

I have budgeted for $150 to spend on school clothes with our upcoming paycheck.  If I spend $75 then I get FREE shipping.  This is always HUGE to me when shopping online.  I really don’t want to pay for shipping when I could just drive down the street and shop in town and pay only taxes.  If they don’t offer free shipping after a certain amount, then I’m probably not shopping their online store!


I am going to start off in their Clearance section.  I already spotted a few pair of shorts, dress pants, and shirts that will fit my oldest child (I am primarily shopping for him on this first online trip).  I will then move into his age category and hope to get shoes, shirts, shorts, pants, etc.  We’ll see how far I can get with $150.

If you’re a Kohl’s card member, then you can get FREE shipping using the code:  JULYFREE4U at checkout.


Once I finish up with my online shopping trip, then I will obviously checkout.  At checkout, I will enter the coupon code: SAVEWA3 to get 15% off everything (I found this code here).  This code will expire on 9/30/2013.  You also have to spend $100 to use the code.

Found this coupon in my inbox this morning – so now I’m might be shopping in store because they had more clothes around the sizes that I need!

Kohl’s Cash

Once I have finally checked out, I should be receiving $30 back in Kohl’s cash.  They give you $10 back for every $50 you spend.  This deal will end on July 28, 2013 so I am going to have to shop before the weekend ends.  I can spend my cash the following week and either get $30 off my order or $30 worth of FREE stuff:)

Kohl’s Rewards

I am not 100% sure about this since I have never used it before, but I just got a Kohl’s card a few weeks ago.  I received an email that said I am only 43 points away from receiving my $5 reward.  I am thinking that they will send me a $5 off coupon in my inbox – not sure.  I will have to let you know after I finish the online trip.  I’m thinking that I will be able to use it like Kohl’s cash.  If so, then I will have $35 to spend on my next shopping trip.

So, do you shop @ Kohl’s?  Maybe you can give me some insight.  Feel free to leave a comment below.

Kroger – Free Friday Download

Here they go again….another FREE downloadable coupon from Kroger.  If you don’t already have a Kroger account, make sure and sign up TODAY to get your shampoo for FREE.  Just click below….

FREE Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy

I have this in my stockpile and can’t wait to get more:)  Happy Shopping!

CVS – July 14, 2013

It was a great week @ CVS for deals, but not so great since I didn’t have a lot of Extra Care Bucks in stock.  Oh, well.  I still got a lot of things that we needed and I was grateful that everything was in stock!

Here’s what I did….

Transaction #1

(2) Colgate Mouthwash = 11.98

(1) Edge Shave Gel = 3.19

– .55 off Edge shave gel

– 2.00 off Colgate Mouthwash

– 2.00 off Colgate Mouthwash

-1.00 Extra Care Buck

Total OOP = 10.41 got back $8 ECB

Transaction #2

(1) Playtex tampons = 7.99

(2) Right Guard body wash = 4.99 (Buy 1, Get 1 FREE)

– 3.00 Playtex coupon

– 1.50 off Right Guard body wash (RP 7/14)

– 1.50 off Right Guard body wash (RP 7/14)

– 6.00 Extra Care Bucks (I kept the other $2 for next week)

TOTAL OOP = 1.06 and got back$3 ECB and the $2 that I kept

Not a bad deal!  I was able to score a lot of product for less than $12 which is way over my limit.  I usually try to spend $5 at CVS and always come home with Extra Care Bucks.  Better luck next week!

How was your shopping trip @ CVS this week?  Do you have any questions?

All FREE @ Kroger

I was finally able to retrieve the freebies this week that were downloaded onto my Kroger card.  If you have not done so, head to Kroger, get a card and sign up online.  They are really starting to have some GREAT e-coupons for FREE items.  Click here to sign up today.

Thanks to all these freebies, my grand total went from $65 down to $38 OOP.  This is where coupons are well worth it – when you can save 50% or more:)

Obviously, today, though I am not showing you my entire shopping trip.  These were just the items that I got for free.

Green Giant chips – .50 off coupon doubled to $1 off (FREE)

8 oz. POM juice – .50 off coupon doubled to $1 off (FREE)

Quaker breakfast bars – E-coupon on Kroger.com (expired – you have to watch for these because they have to be downloaded on certain days)

Orville Redenbacher’s Pop Crucnch – E-coupon on Kroger.com (FREE) – expired

In our area, coupons are still doubled/tripled every day at Kroger.  Your area may only give you the amount listed on your coupon.  If you are not sure, then ask the management at the Kroger where you shop.

Be on the look-out for great e-coupons from Kroger.com.  I am signed up to received emails from them and they have really had some high value products for FREE.  The box of Quaker breakfast bars were almost $5 and I paid nothing for them.

The way this works is that you once you create a login/password for Kroger you will find a tab that says COUPONS.  Click this link and on the left-hand side it should say something like “Download coupons”.  Just click on the coupons that you want saved to your Kroger card.

When you go to the store and shop, they will ask for your card before they begin the transaction.  When your item is scanned, the e-coupon should come off your card immediately.  You shouldn’t have to do anything.  It’s already been done!  If you are unsure whether your e-coupons came off or not, then look at your receipt.  An e-coupon should show up directly below the item that was scanned (not at the bottom of the receipt).

One thing about e-coupons is that they will not double or triple.  You have to take them at face value.  They also cannot be combined with paper coupons.  If I had a paper coupon from the newspaper for those Quaker breakfast bars, then I could not use it because the coupon on my card would have already come off.  This is considered coupon fraud.  Their site will remind you of this policy every time you download a coupon.

I had a friend tell me this week that she saved $18 in one trip thanks to e-coupons.  That’s not too shabby considering that she did nothing more than just click coupons and save them to her card.  The only thing she might have done was print off the coupon list showing what coupons she downloaded and reminding her what to buy at the store.  Either way it’s a win-win situation.

How often do you shop at Kroger?  Do you download coupons or just use the paper’s manufactured coupons?  Please share….

Hot Deals This Weekend: July 12-14


Dress like a cow and get FREE chicken.  I think we will be trying this for the first time ever.  I will make sure and post pics:)


Redeem your Kohl’s cash if you have some ready to cash in.  I don’t but I did get a $10 off any purchase in the mail this week so I will be heading out this weekend looking at their Clearance sales.  I also saw where you can earn Kohl’s cash until July 17th.  Spend $50 and get back $10.


FREE chips/salsa, chips/guacamole, chips/queso with the purchase of an Adult Entree.  My child would want the WAC-A-MOLE:)


20% off entire purchase.  I found 2 coupons – 20% off entire purchase on Saturday and 20% off entire purchase on  Sunday.  If you go on Saturday, it looks like you have to use the Rewards Card.


30% off (1) Clearance item.  This is a great time to stock up on toys for Christmas.  It seems like around July 4th and Labor Day stores will really start marking down toys.  Also, be on the lookout for school supplies.  Coupons are starting to float around which will help you to get some freebies.

The key is, don’t wait!  The longer you wait on these types of purchases, the higher the price will go – especially around Christmas time!

Which deals are you going to use this weekend?  Do you know of any other good deals going on around your town?  Please share…